I love interlinking stories and meta-mythos. I also love the Sims. Many of my stories take place on the world of Simterra floating along in a unnamed star system. However, some of my stories take place in an “alternate” dark universe, hence this website.

Lucky for you, that means Darkness May Dream (my exclusively Simblr story), beginning with Gen 2, will now also have a home here for my avid WP followers. Reap No More, tales and myths from the DMD Universe, will remain exclusively on Simblr.

The Secret Identity Legacy series gets its start in an unusual way and follows multiple generations of women across the world of Simterra. But don’t expect this to be a straightforward retelling of fairy tale princesses and their princes. Oh, there will be romance and daring rescues, but the fairy tale heroines you knew are about to get a makeover.

The story began as The Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum on one of my other WordPress blogs, Livin’a’Simmin’Life. I plan to continue to use this title, and I moved the first chapter from my other blog to here. However, I will be taking this story in a different direction than I originally intended, and some details will be altered.